At First I hated the idea of 2011. I mean eleven, how lame a number is that? But then I started thinking. Eleven HAS to better than 2010 that saw me get a gut wrenching 5 month runaround from that high level firm in New York that resulted in a no. And that was AFTER NOT reading the manuscript they ASKED FOR – which, by the way, I still think was very rude. So in my new way of thinking what I did was gave the entire book to a writer in my writing group who was just recently sign to ICM with a mega agent names Binky. And no, I’m not kidding her name is Binky. Anyway this author read my book and gave me a glowing review. That struck me as odd because I asked via email what he though but didn’t hear back for weeks. But what he gave me when I saw him next was he gave me hand written review. How cool is that? So long story short, life was breathed back into the coals and I decided to start submitting all over again. And on the very first day after sending no more than 3 queries I got a yes from a  fantastic agent list who is one of the biggest players in New York/LA. I literally almost fell off my chair when he e-mailed me right back and asked me to send him the entire manuscript after I queried him. Now I don’t want anyone to get all excited, and by that I probably mean myself, BUT I think 11 might the best year ever.

We’ll see.

If something does happen, I’ll post here.