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On another subject

Is Tom Brady done? He sure looked it on Sunday. It was great while it lasted. I hope he has the good sense to retire before he gets traded to Kansas City like Joe did. And don’t think it would never happen, BB would do it – absolutely.



So I have quite a few things out. I have to admit it kind of like an Easter Egg hunt. I’m just looking for that SPECIAL egg. My Mom used to say it only takes one, so I’ sticking with her advice.


What bedbugs?

I wonder

Does anyone wonder how ancient authors like Homer get their royalties? Surely they aren’t going to his nephews. And what about mark Twain?

I read that in the NFL 20% of the players make 85% of the money, so maybe that is what authors are up against as well.

I don’t like the ratio at all.

Then again

I read a very depressing story on what authors are getting for advances these days. Maybe I should be playing the lottery instead?

If so email me

But But But

I still get really annoying bed bugs like this one

“Thanks for letting me take a look at this, but I’m afraid it’s not quite right for me, so I’m going to step aside.”

Best of luck with it!

Step aside from what I wonder? I didn’t ask them to dance. Then adds a final slap of – “Best of Luck”
My God is this person from Orange County or something?

The Curious Case of the Query

Last years query was so-so. While this years is a resounding hit. I have over 25 responses and more than a dozen agents have partials. How can that be? The book is the same.

Numerology perhaps at work?

More news | Let’s be positive

The full ms has now been asked for twice and I have at least 8 requested partials…

The New Year – 11? Kind of weird number I thought

At First I hated the idea of 2011. I mean eleven, how lame a number is that? But then I started thinking. Eleven HAS to better than 2010 that saw me get a gut wrenching 5 month runaround from that high level firm in New York that resulted in a no. And that was AFTER NOT reading the manuscript they ASKED FOR – which, by the way, I still think was very rude. So in my new way of thinking what I did was gave the entire book to a writer in my writing group who was just recently sign to ICM with a mega agent names Binky. And no, I’m not kidding her name is Binky. Anyway this author read my book and gave me a glowing review. That struck me as odd because I asked via email what he though but didn’t hear back for weeks. But what he gave me when I saw him next was he gave me hand written review. How cool is that? So long story short, life was breathed back into the coals and I decided to start submitting all over again. And on the very first day after sending no more than 3 queries I got a yes from a  fantastic agent list who is one of the biggest players in New York/LA. I literally almost fell off my chair when he e-mailed me right back and asked me to send him the entire manuscript after I queried him. Now I don’t want anyone to get all excited, and by that I probably mean myself, BUT I think 11 might the best year ever.

We’ll see.

If something does happen, I’ll post here.