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well there IS some good news

after having an agent for a famous literary agency jerk me around for 5 months in new york, they (she) couldn’t get it together  to read the final edited chapters. let me explain. they said it needed this, and needed that and by the way could you have it professionally edited too. so i said yes, yes, yes and after great expense and time they turned it down last week unread. thats correct UNREAD. because they couldn’t, or wouldn’t read the final piece. question. why did those nitwits keep me on the line for 5 months?

answer: dunno

but here’s the good news, i have had 4 more hits on my query and i have sent them all out.

what a ridiculous process. fools work is what it is.


Hmmm – why don’t I believe them?

AXXXXXX LXXXXXXX would like to thank you for introducing us to your work.  We regret to say that we aren’t the best match for you. Please rest assured that, although this is a form letter, we are using it simply for the sake of expediency and that your submission was carefully read and evaluated.

Having the right agent is an important relationship—as important as author and publisher—and our decision is very subjective, which is why we encourage you to try other agencies.

We wish you every success in placing your material with someone who is as committed to it as you are.

Best regards,

Blah Blah Blah