Someone asked me recently what my elevator “pitch” was. So here it is. I hope they appreciated my sense of humor.

“Hey” I say to a nicely dressed woman in the elevator as I get in.

“Hey back,” she replies.

“You’re a Literary Agent aren’t you?” I ask her.

“Why do you think that?”

“Well, you kind of look like one to me.”

Elevator stops at next floor, the door opens and a guy comes in carrying a pizza in one those portable black rubber baggy things. It smells good.

Door closes.

“Well I’ve just finished a great novel.”

“Really? What’s it about?” She replies, meeting my eyes.

“It’s about a guy who messes his life up and doesn’t know how to get it back?”

“Sounds interesting. How does it end?”

“You’ll have to read it.”

She smiles at me, then reaches into her purse, takes out a card and hands it to me, “Send me the first three chapters.”

The bell chimes and the elevator stops. The pizza guy and the lady both get off and the door closes leaving me alone.

I look closely at the card she gave me. It reads “Jennifer Hayes, Literary Agent ICM.” As I put the card away I wonder if she’ll actually read what I send her.