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Bed Bug #3 re Merit

Well today is a banner day – 3 rejects. Nice to know that so many people are thinking of me.

Dear David,

Thank you for your query of UNDERTOW.  Although your story has merit, ultimately this is not a project for me.  However, this is only one agent’s opinion, so do not be discouraged.

Again, thank you and much success to you and your writing career.


Cxxxx Pxxxxx
The Pxxxxx Literary Agency

“Although your story has merit, ultimately this is not a project for me” – hmm, the story has merit but not for them? Is there a scale for merit that I’m not aware of perhaps?


Nina Simone


So by the above standard I’ll be done editing my book – by um, ah, I think 2013 – or there abouts.


Sent a query on December 18 and got this back today – over three months later!

Sorry xxxx, but no queries are usually more than 4-6 weeks old. I am pretty certain we wouldn’t still have something from December. Feel free to send the query again – no need for sample chapters at this stage.

Now can someone please tell me who in their right mind would resubmit to this agent? One would have to wonder how an agent like this would represent you to a publisher, no?

Todays Bedbug

Dear Author:

Thanks for your query. I apologize for this form response, but the volume of mail I receive makes it impossible to send individual replies in every case.

As to your material, I am afraid I must pass. I represent a very full list of writers, and must be highly selective in adding to it. I realize that it is difficult to judge your potential from a query alone; nevertheless, please know that we give serious attention to every letter, outline and writing sample that we receive.

I wish I could talk with every author who contacts us. Although that is not possible, you can read an interview with me on the subject of career development on my agency’s website at .

Thank you for contacting me. I wish you the very best of luck in your search for representation.


Mcccc Daaaa

Again no salutation, which is always nice. Got to love this part “….. you can read an interview with me” – hmmm, I thought it was authors that paid their salary. Question. How much would agents make without us?

Quote from Herman Hesse in Demian

THAT is as good as it gets.


Gardening is better than design, but doesn’t pay as well. – sounds likes a quote.

She is a fantastic writer!


Why does the blue and white BMW logo make me happy? If I knew I could save a lot of money.

Uh Oh

Have to rewrite the first 11 chapters of my new novel. Seems to have a major error. How did I miss that?